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About Us

About Us

The Small Shipyard Grant Coalition is a non-partisan group of U.S. maritime industry stakeholders -- small shipyards and manufacturers alike -- that represents the nation's more than 300 small shipyards, which are often small, family-run businesses. Created in 2014 after support for this important program dried up, the Coalition has been an effective and respected voice since 2015 and educates, advocates and connects stakeholders nationally to advance the economic, safety and environmental benefits of investment in America's small shipyards.

About the Coalition


Our Mission

America's small shipyards are an important link in the US' local, regional and national economies. The Small Shipyard Grant Coalition is dedicated to advancing the interests of small shipyards and the American manufacturers that work together to build the future readiness of the commercial maritime fleet. The Coalition does this by educating, advocating, and connecting stakeholders and elected officials in support of the U.S. Maritime Administration’s Small Shipyard Grant Program. 

Coalition Members

The Small Shipyard Grant Coalition represents a rich community of America's small shipyards and manufacturers. Small shipyards build and maintain most of the country’s commercial fleet of 40,000 ships and barges. This includes the fishing vessels, ferries, offshore service vessels, tugs and tows in the nation's coastal and inland communities.

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