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MARAD awards $20.8 million in 2023 Small Shipyard Grants

Marine Travelift vessel boat repair
Image via Highmark Marine Fabrication, LLC

Today, the federal Maritime Administration (MARAD) announced the 2023 awards for the Small Shipyard Grant Program as a part of its annual funding availability. Congratulations to awardees for this round of grants!

The grants, announced on May 3, were awarded to 27 projects of the 99 who applied. Projects awarded ranged from travelifts to computer-numerical control (CNC) machines to worker training programs.

Small Shipyard Grants by the numbers

Of the awards issued this year, there are some notable characteristics. They include:

  • MARAD awarded 27 awards, with an average award amount of $770k

  • The largest award was $1,200,000 -- consistent with 2022's round.

  • The smallest award was $86,649, for a worker training program.

  • Awards were made to facilities on 3 coasts, in noncontiguous states and serving the inland waterway (no awards in the Great Lakes); multiple awards were made in 6 states: CA, FL, CT, RI, TX and WA--including 3 in CA and 2 for the other states.

  • Awards by major project types (according to available info in announcement details):

    • vessel haulout equipment (8)

    • material handling equipment (7)

    • surface prep equipment (7)

    • shop equipment (5)

    • vessel transport equipment (3)

    • worker training (1)

How can you prepare for the next round of Small Shipyard Grants now?

As Congress continues to show strong support for the Small Shipyard Grant Program, it is anticipated that small shipyards will once again have the opportunity to apply for grants next year. Below are three ways that you can prepare for the next round of grants.

  1. Join the Coalition: work with us to help promote funding for the next round of grants; Members of the Small Shipyard Grant Coalition received and will benefit from more than 40% of the grant total this round

  2. Start planning early: these grant applications can take time to develop, so start thinking through your desired projects and collecting necessary information for your application.

  3. Consult a grantwriting consultant early: if you seek support from an experienced consultants, reach out early-- as many of us reached peak capacity early this round

Working together, small shipyards can continue to support the future of our maritime communities.

Join the Small Shipyard Grant Coalition

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