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Novice to expert on Small Shipyard Grants in 20 minutes

Small Shipyard Grant Coalition Director, Dave Matsuda, sits down with BlastOne International to dig deeper into the upcoming grant solicitation.

A member of the Small Shipyard Grant Coalition, BlastOne International's Brian Kenimer talks with Dave to highlight program eligibility, the application process, and some examples of success stories. As a manufacturer of blasting and painting facilities, BlastOne works with smaller shipyards to diminish their environmental footprint, decrease reliance on good weather, and increase production of their blast and paint operations.

Table of Contents

0:00 – Introductions

1:51 – About the MARAD Grant

3:21 – Eligibility

6:04 -Types of Successful Projects

8:03 – Application Process

14:00 – Timeline Overview

15:13 – Size of grant pool & average grant award & requirements

18:16 – About the Small Shipyard Coalition

19:47 – Closing


BlastOne Shipyards & Maritime:

Contact Information

BlastOne International :

Brian Kenimer


Phone: 614-653-3698

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